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型号 最大负重 可达直径 重复精度
M-1iA/0.5A 0.50kg 420mm ±0.03mm
M-1iA/0.5S 0.50kg 420mm ±0.03mm
M-1iA/1HL 1kg 420mm ±0.03mm

M-1iA Series.pdf

CERT Brochure.pdf
M-1iA CERT.pdf


装配 拾取及包装
CERT Cart Highlight Video  
Educational Force Sensor CERT  
LR Mate 200iC and M-1iA Solar Panel Assembly  
M-1iA and LR Mate 200iC Solar Panel Assembly  
M-1iA Ball Bearing Assembly  
M-1iA Barcode Sorting of Medical Devices  
M-1iA CERT Cart Highlight Video  
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M-1iA Deburring Fan Blades  
M-1iA Flexible Circuit Board Assembly  
M-1iA High Speed Pill Sorting By Color  
M-1iA Keyboard Assembly  
M-1iA LED Lens Assembly  
M-1iA Picking and Placing Fuses By Color  
M-1iA Picking and Placing Weld Tips  
M-1iA Picking Erasers  
M-1iA Screwdriving Assembly of Parts  
M-1iA Small Parts Dispensing Application  
M-1iA Soldering Computer Chips